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SHINOHAWA Product Catalog

SHINOHAWA's products including security and electrical products, we attention high quality for long term cooperation, and quote competitive price with fast delivery time. Sincerely welcome be our agents.

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Alarm Device

Including Fire alarm pushbutton, Alarm bell, Motor siren, Industrial Horn, Buzzer, Warning light, Collapsible Safety Cone, Warning Triangle, etc for fire protection, and traffic protection.


Distribution Box

Including various design of plastic and matal material distribution board, enclosure, meter base, safety switch and changeover swtich etc for install MCB and electrical equipments.


Modular Device

Including MCB, RCCB, RCBO, MCCB, Modular Surge protector , Modular lamp, Modular bell, Timer, Modular contactors, Modular Power Supply , Modular Power Meter , Busbar Connection, Dinrail etc for electrical distribution and protection.



Including High and Low voltage fuse link and Base, Disconnecting switch, Drop Out Fuse Polymeric Zinc Oxide Surge Arrester , Insulator etc for electrical protection.


Motor Starter

Including Motor Protecting Circuit Breaker , AC & DC Contactor , Thermal Relay, Magnetic Starter , Soft Starter , Frequency Converter , Vacuum Contactor, Electromagnets etc for starting and protect motor.



Including General Relay , Indicator& Pushbutton , Proximity Switch, Changeover Switch, Limited Switch, Float Switch, Pedal Switch , etc for indsutrial automation.



Including Kilowatt Hour Meter , Panel Meter , Current Transformer , Temperature Controller, Clamp meter, Gas Meter etc for power and gas etc measurement.


Electrical Accessories

Including Axial Cooling Fan, Industrial Plug & Socket , Cable Gland , Cable Tie, Cable Clips, Cable Marker, Spiral Wrapping Band, Wire Duct, Heat Shrinkable Tubing, Busbar Insulation, Terminal Block, Cable Lug, Insulated Terminal, Tools etc accessories.


New Energy

Including Wind Turbine Generator , Solar Panel , Voltage Stabilizer , Diode & Thyristor , Power Capacitor, Switching Power Supply,UPS, Inverter, etc .










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