Shinohawa Product:
  WENZHOU KINGELEK ELECTRIC CO.,LTD was established on the October 1986, is being acknowledged as one of the most respected nationwide manufactures and exporters of low voltage electrical equipment and alarm device in P.R of China.  
  "KINGELEK" is named as a famous trademark in domestic and overseas markets.  
  KINGELEK Products are distributed throughout worldwide more than 20 countries.  
  Our Products are made with the highest quality materials and are designed to fit Easily. We Guarantee that you will be satisfied with the full range of KINGELEK Products specializing in alarm signals and high & low voltage electric appliance, power transmission, distribution equipments, industry control. Such as " Safety breakers , Distribution box, Contactor , Fuse, Switches , Sensor, Relay, Push button, electrical accessories, warning light ,siren and electrical accessories and so on.  
  Now, the company, highly trained sales staff regularly attend product training, making them competent to deal with any customer related enquiry or query.  
  At KINGELEK we are ready to serve the global industry well into the next millennium, as I believe that with KINGELEK embracing technology as we have, we are part of the next industrial revolution taking place all around the world right now.  
  We are prepared and ready for the future!  










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