Composite Insulator  
Item Specification
Electrical ratings Rated voltage 35KV 24KV 12KV
Low frequency dry flashover voltage test 170KV 150KV 100KV
Low frequency wet flashover voltage test 140KV 115KV 70KV
Critical impulse flashover voltage test Positive 255KV 235KV 180KV
Negative 345KV 320KV 260KV
Radio influence voltage test Max.voltage test 1µ/(Max) 1µ/(Max) 1µ/(Max)
Mechanical Failing load test 100KN 100KN 100KN
Number of sheds 8 6 4
Dimensions Section Length 555mm 499mm 360mm
Leakage distance 886mm 674mm 445mm
Minimum arc distance 410mm 320mm 215mm
  Ceramic Insulator-Overhead Line Insulator  
  Material: ceramic, porcelain insulator, reinforced glass insulator, silicone rubber, composite, polymer insulator
Color: Brown, Grey, White, Blue insulator
Type: IEC, ANSI, AS, BS DIN standard type, Orient design, customer requirement and drawings.
  Ceramic / Porcelain Disc Suspension Insulator:  
  The structure of disc suspension insulators enables them form the insulator string by fitting into themselves one another as per voltage requirement and connecting with the conductors and cable. It is considered as an conductor insulator type.
Connected fitting type: ball & socket type; clevis & tongue type
Strength can be 40 KN, 45KN, 60KN, 70KN, 80KN, 100KN, 110KN, 120 KN, 125KN,160KN, 210KN, 300KN
Main type:
Standard suspension insulator:
ANSI type: 52-1, 52-2, 52-3, 52-4, 52-5, 52-6, 52-8, 52-9 according to ANSI C29.2
IEC type: U70BL, U70BS, U100B, U120B, U160B, U210B, U300B according to IEC383, BS137
Fog Type Anti-pollution suspension Insulators
Double Shed Anti-pollution Insulators
  Ceramic / Porcelain Line Post Insulator:  
  Line Post Insulator used on distribution line and transmission line upto 132KV. It is mounted rigidly on supporting structure by means of a steed or bolts. It is non-puncturable design. Connected fitting type: tie top conductor binding type and clamp top with vertical or horizontal mounting.
Cantilever strength can be 5KN, 10KN, 12.5KN, 16KN.
Main type:
ANSI C29.7 type: 57-1, 57-2, 57-3, 57-4, 57-5, 57-11, 57-12, 57-13, 57-14, 57-15, 57-21, 57-22, 57-23, 57-24, 57-25, 57-31, 57-32, 57-33, 57-34, 57-35
Other type according to IEC383 and BS137.
  Ceramic / Porcelain Pin Type Insulator:  
  Pin insulator is mounted rigidly on a supporting structure by an insulator pin/spindle. Unless otherwise stated, this term does not include the insulator pin.
Pin Insulator can be Zinc thimble with thread type and porcelain thread type.
Voltage: 11/12KV pin insulator, 15KV pin insulator, 22KV pin insulator, 33/36KV pin insulator
Main type:
ANSI C29.5 and C29.6 type: 55-1, 55-2, 55-3, 55-4, 55-5, 55-6, 56-1, 56-2, 56-3, 56-4
BS137 or IEC383 type: P-11-Y, P-15-Y, P-22-Y, P-33-Y
  Ceramic / Porcelain Spool Insulator
Ceramic / Porcelain Shackle
Ceramic / Porcelain Guy Strain Insulator or Stay Insulator:
  Spool insulator type: 53-1, 53-2, 53-3, 53-4, 53-5, R-1, R-2, R-6, R-8, 1617, 1618
Shackle insulator type: ED-2B, ED-2B1, ED-2B2, ED-2B3, ED-2B4, ED-2C
Mounted with D-bracket
Strain insulator type: 54-1, 54-2, 54-3, 54-4, GY1, GY2, GY3, GY4, 97KN composite stay insulator










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