Shinohawa Product: Motor Soft Starter
The motor starter with the features of small volume, small starting frequency, energy saving, and multi-protection and so on, which improved the production efficiency that is an idea update starter.
Technical characteristics

No phase order required for the power.

Double insulation of the power prevents control parts from all kinds of disturbance.       

Soft start can provide smooth and step less start processing, low the start current and meanwhile prevent the line from disturbance.       

Improve the efficiency by limiting the disturbance from current surge, reduce starting torque, and set the upper limit of current so as to be used in the occasion with limited capacity of electrified wire netting.       

Special design of double protective loop has protection function against loss-phase, over-load, short-circuit and over-heat.       

Prolonging the shut-down time to relief load shifting and water-hammer effect during shut-down, soft stop time is adjustable.

Model List
Spec model Product size (cm) Weigh (Kg) 
NKR-5.5-17KW  46*35*23.5 15
NKR-22KW  46*35*23.5 15
NKR-30KW  46*35*23.5 15
NKR-37KW  46*35*23.5 15
NKR-45KW  51*38*25.5 20
NKR-55KW  51*38*25.5 20
NKR-75KW  51*38*25.5 20
NKR-90KW  146*62*46 110
NKR-115KW  146*62*46 110
NKR-132KW  166*65*56 130
NKR-160KW  166*65*56 130
NKR-200KW  166*65*56 140
NKR-250KW  196*80*66 150
NKR-320KW  196*80*66 150
NKR-400KW  226*110*80 200
NKR-500KW 226*110*80 200










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